What We Were

Table-Top Roleplaying System available as both hardback and pdf

What We Were is a table-top roleplaying system designed to be as accessible and flexible as possible so that anyone, regardless of their roleplaying experience, can turn whatever story they can image into a functional table-top roleplaying game.

Whereas in other table-top roleplaying games the focus may well be on quest completion and monster slaying, What We Were is a game about fully developing and understanding characters through exploration of their personal story. It’s not important how many kobolds your character can kill; what is important is your character finishing their quest for revenge, recovering their lost love, or reclaiming the throne from their wicked brother. It is a game about who you were, what you became, and who you will become.


What We Were is designed to be as accessible as possible for people who have very little to no roleplaying experience, whilst also having enough depth to draw in those that would consider themselves experts. The mechanics can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be; the aim is to make a playground that allows you to run wild rather than simply make a slide and tell you how to use it.

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Design: Freddie Taylor-Bell
Art: Vira Vyrśka
Edited by Steven Ticehurst