Drunk in a Supermarket was creating during the second year of my BA (Honours) as a miniature Honours project where I focused on Technical Design.

The game revolves around the player drunkenly making their way through a supermarket trying to buy a bottle of wine. As the player moves, the movement inputs constantly change, forcing the player to stagger about and smash into their surroundings, emulating the sensation of being drunk. Players bumble around the supermarket knocking things off shelves, sliding on cereal boxes, and launching oranges across the store. The wine has a bunch of pre-determined spawning locations meaning that even after multiple playthroughs players will still have to search for the wine, rather than just remembering where it spawns.


This game was showcased several times at Manchester Gamers Unite which served as the perfect place to get unfiltered feedback from hundreds of playtesters at a time. Although I’ll admit it was a little daunting having my university prototype sandwiched between the Shadow of the Colossus HD remake and Assassins Creed Odyssey, however it was an invaluable experience.


All the code and models for this project were created by myself, excluding the character model and the animations attached to him. Those are from Mixamo.


Avaliable on Itch.io; https://freddiebell.itch.io/drunk

Drunk in a Supermarket

Single player drunken adventure game