"You are residents of Úlffarrsted, a small village on the coast of Denmark. Ever since the raid on Lindisfarne brought back so much wealth, you too have had your eyes set on England's shores. The summer sun rises. The time to strike has come! It's time to go Viking!"


Now We Raid is a 2-page table-top roleplaying game designed to be played as a one-shot session over the course of an hour or two.


The players must overcome problems at home, at sea, and on raid before returning home, hopefully with lots of plunder! The game is mechanically simple making it perfect for experienced role-players to introduce their friends to the table-top roleplaying scene or for total beginners to pick up and play.


Available for free on DriveThruRpg

Winner of the Tiny Libreary Game Jam!

Now We Raid

2-Page One-Shot Roleplaying Game about Vikings raiding England