Local Traditions is a two-page Folk Horror table-top roleplaying game about exploring a beautiful pastoral town without falling victim to their violent local traditions;

The year is 1910 and you and your friends have decided to spend a long summer weekend away from the city. So, you hopped on a bus to the isolated town of Burnsley;

a picturesque pastoral town surrounded by miles of stunning moorland where everyone is polite and wishes everybody they pass a "Good Day!" because everyone knows everyone ‘round these parts.

As beautiful and pleasant as the town may seem, there’s something not quite right with this place that you just can’t seem to put a finger on, ah well it’s probably nothing and there’s talk of a “Happening” on Sunday night, that should be good fun, right?


“The Happening”  is a local tradition that may or may not involve something mundane like  a violent ritualistic sacrifice or perhaps something more supernatural, like the invocation of a demon.

Shame the bus doesn't come back until Monday morning.

Your only objective is to work out what’s going to happen and avoid becoming victims to the town's strange folk tradition.

Made as an entry to the Tiny Tome game jam, Local Traditions is avaliable for free here!