Getting Home was originally made during the final year of my Diploma in Games Development by myself and a team of my classmates. At the time my technical skills were incredibly limited, so I took a design and production role, rather than a technical one. The original concept for this game was pitched by me to my entire class and focuses on a young boy lost in the woods making his way home.

Since then I have developed my technical skills to the point where I am currently working on translating the original game into Unreal Engine 4 myself. The original game took an entire year to make and polish, whereas with my new skills I believe I could re-create this game within a few weeks. Once that project is finished, I will add it to my page, but until then here’s the tech document that I’ve been making as I work on it; [Link]

Credits for the original game;

Freddie Taylor-Bell : Producer, Lead Designer, Environment Artist.
Aidan Coxon : Lead Programmer, Levels Designer.
Harris Iqbal : Programmer, Environment Artist, Animation, Sound and Music.
Johnathan Massey : Lead Artist, Level Designer, Narrative Designer.

​The original game is available on;

Getting Home

Single Player Adventure Game